We've raised over
$250,000 for our community

Looking to raise funds for a great cause?

Partnering with Madrona Car Wash & Detail Center is a great way to raise funds for the community. Whether a school, sports team or non-profit organization, we will support your fundraising efforts by supplying serialized tickets for sale and provide up to 45% of the proceeds back to your organization.

We are committed to environmental standards of excellence and conserve water by recycling. When washing vehicles at Madrona, the unsafe contaminates like oil, grease and other toxic elements are removed and safely transported to an appropriate processing facility. This is a better alternative to washing vehicles at locations not properly equipped to handle these materials. Contaminates would flow into storm drains and pollute our waterways and oceans while wasting over 100 gallons of water! Instead, our washes use much less water on average.

Madrona Car Wash & Detail Center is dedicated to quality and professional car washes. We promote the highest standard of practices and service in the industry year after year.

Let us help you with your next fundraising event!

Contact us anytime for fundraising options. We’ll work with your organization’s needs.

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