At Madrona Car Wash, we use the latest and the best material on the market. Our material consists of a 2nd generation, special closed cell, Envirosoft Foam that is very gentle on the surface of your car. Yes, that’s right; absolutely no scratching!
We spare no expense when it comes to our cleaning products. We use what is referred to in the industry as the “Cadillac” of chemicals, the ArmorAll Professional. We offer a complete line of products ranging from wheel cleaners to Rain-X, giving your car a complete protectant from the harsh environment. Our entire line offers consumers quality products that do the job the first time, providing you with the satisfaction of an immaculately clean automobile. We use biodegradable shampoos and cleansers for a spot free, shiny car.
Yes. We accept Chevron, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Voyager and most Fleet Cards.
No. Our professional staff will treat your car like their own.
Madrona Car Wash provides the basic interior cleaning up to complete interior details.
Yes. We reclaim our water. Reclaiming water is a process where we take our wastewater and treat it for re-use, rather than discharge it untreated back into the sewer system.
“Automatic and self-service car washes use water efficient equipment, such as computer controlled systems and high-pressure nozzles and pumps, to clean cars thoroughly while conserving water. Professional car washes use an average of 32 gallons of water per vehicle. If this sounds like a lot of water, consider this: Washing your car at home can use up to twice this amount. In fact, some studies show that washing your car in the driveway can use up to 10 times more water than taking your car to a professional car wash.” – (Source – International Car Wash Association)
Our carwash can accept most standard sized cars, vans and trucks up to 86 inches in height. We guarantee the safety of all factory-installed equipment in proper working order. We also offer custom, boat and RV wash and details.
Yes. The Madrona Car Wash & Detail Center carwash uses a soft foam material and mild cleansers for cleaning. However, a newly painted car will need to allow time for the paint to cure before washing. Please consult your body shop for curing times. This does not include new cars, as the paint on a new car will be completely cured before delivery.
Yes.  Items left in your truck bed can become projectiles and can cause a safety hazard.  Therefore, for the safety of you, your vehicle and other customers, we require your truck bed to be empty.
Yes, we offer custom hand washes and details for oversized vehicles.
Yes. Please make sure that your convertible top has been properly latched in place before you start the wash process.
Yes.  Most car makers caution car owners against using automatic carwashes that use acids on polished aluminum wheels as this can stain.  Caution is also given on the use of carbon or plastic tire brushes as these can scratch.  Here at Madrona Car Wash & Detail Center, we never use these types of acids, and we only use Envirosoft Foam material so your wheels are safe.
A bug shield is an aftermarket accessory made of plastic.  We cannot be responsible for this item; however, most customers who have bug shields on their automobiles wash their cars with no incident.
Yes. Though different brands of wax differ in quality, waxing has been scientifically proven to harden and protect the car’s finish from the ultra-violet rays of the sun. If used regularly, waxing produces the best appearance your car can have. Special window and glass waxes also protect the car from wear and tear as well as provide water resistance to rain especially in the front window areas.
Yes. However, it is good to keep in mind that when a windshield is damaged (even with the smallest of chips or cracks), it is more susceptible to quick changes in temperature, (i.e. cold water sprayed on a hot windshield). So, while you may wash with a cracked windshield, it is always best to repair the damage to avoid the risk.
It is always safer to remove your antenna before entering our car wash, although 95% of vehicles never have a problem. Electric antennas must be retracted.